QMAD members participate in EQTC2021

Some of our members participate in EQTC Virtual conference.

The group present four posters and one conference performed by Marcos Rubín that will report on direct measurements of spin clock transitions in decoherence-free molecular spin qubits and how they can be tuned through chemical design.

Poster name
Victor Rollano
High cooperativity coupling of on-chip superconducting resonators
to nuclear spin transitions in a Yb(Trensal) molecular qudit
Marina Calero
LC on-chip resonators for the magneto-electrical control and read-out of molecular
spin qubits
Ignacio Gimmeno
Broad-band spectroscopy of electronuclear spin qudits based on
vanadyl porphyrin molecules
Sergio Martínez-Losa
Strong coupling in multi-shaped thin films using light-magnonics
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