Advanced Nanophotonics in low dimensional systems

In QMAD we are investigating the extraordinary optical response of low dimensional systems, and their interaction with quantum systems (QDots, molecules, crystalline defects..).

The results have potential use in information and communication technologies, even at the nanoscale level.  In collaboration with different experimental and theoretical groups we contribute to the research of 2-dimensional materials like those originating from Van der Waals interactions finding novel properties, which provides opportunities to control the light for processing of optical signals. 

Materials like Qdots or pervoskites are being investigated in our group to get lasing and spontaneous emission control to the nanoscale.


Research line supported by: H2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No. 881603 (Graphene Flagship) & Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities under grant PID2020-115221GB-C41 (AEI/10.13039/501100011033).