Sergio Martínez-Losa Del Rincón

PhD student
Sergio Martínez-Losa Del Rincón


Email: sergiomtz.losa [at] unizar [dot] es
Phone: +34 976 761 203

Curriculum vitae

Computer Science Degree and Physics PhD student. His research is focused on Magnonic Systems and Quantum Techonlogy, also he likes to dig into laboratory to obtain feasible data and he likes to create new experiments and simulations.

In his research, he uses superconductive circuits of many types to study the magnetic propierties of the matter and how to apply it into Quantum Technologies.

Sergio is member of the Condensed Matter Physics Division-GEFES and of the Aragón Local Section of the RSEF.


Sergio Martinez-Losa del Rincon, Ignacio Gimeno, Jorge Perez-Bailon, Victor Rollano, Fernando Luis, David Zueco, Maria Jose Martinez-Perez