4-years Predoctoral position: Quantum Magnonics for Spintronics in the 2D limit

A predoctoral position is open at the FunNanoDev group at IFIMAC/Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). The FPI position (4 years) will be funded by the Quantum Magnonics for Spintronics in the 2D limit” project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (National Plan).

The doctoral project will explore the magnonic properties of magnetic van der Waals materials in the 2D limit and their applications for quantum computing and spintronics. The candidate will carry out the nanofabrication of devices in a clean-room environment, the subsequent transfer of 2D magnetic materials into functional nanodevices and their magnetic and electronic characterization.

The candidate must hold a completed MSc degree in Physics, Nanoscience or a closely related area. The candidate must show good knowledge in electronics, condensed matter and materials science. We will specially value enthusiasm for Science, teamwork spirit, personal initiative and communication skills in English.
Contact information:

Applications, including a CV, should be emailed to enrique.burzuri@uam.es before 25/01/2024. The candidate must apply to the “Plaza 14” position at: https://www.uam.es/uam/investigacion/ofertas-empleo/contrato-predoc2023ministerio3-dj before 30/01/2024

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