Dr. Amalio Fernández-Pacheco Chicón

CSIC Tenured Scientist
Dr. Amalio Fernández-Pacheco Chicón


Email: amaliofp [at] unizar [dot] es
Phone: +34 876 55 56 53

Research lines

  •  Topological materials
  •  Nanophotonics
  •  Spintronic devices
  •  Nanofabrication

Curriculum vitae

Amalio Fernández-Pacheco is Tenured Scientist and Principal Investigator at the Institute of Nanoscience & Materials of Aragón.

Before this position, he spent a total of 12 years in UK universities. First, working at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, within the group of Russell Cowburn, followed by three years at the University of Glasgow, where he was an Associate Professor.

His research is focused on the advanced investigation of topological magnetic quantum materials in three dimensions for applications in spintronics. For this, he combines advanced nanofabrication, thin film deposition, magneto-optical and X-ray and electron microscopy techniques.

Among his awards, he has been a Marie Curie Fellow, an EPSRC Early Career Fellow and a Winton Advanced Research Fellow, as well as a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College Cambridge. Since October 2021, he leads the ERC Consolidator Project 3D NANOMAG, dedicated to the advanced investigation of novel effects in three dimensional magnetic nanostructures.


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